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Posted by admin On September - 6 - 2009

With our week of September 2009 screenings at the Museum of Fine Arts-Boston, “For the Love of Movies” managed some hospitable press in our own home town. Check out an amusing interview with director Gerald Peary in “The Boston Phoenix”: “Love Letter” by Chris Faraone, and a more serious talk with a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist in “The Boston Sunday Globe”: “Film reviewer turns camera on peers” by Mark Feeney.

And here are the key Boston reviews, all favorable:

“An insider looks at film criticism through the years” by Ty Burr, “The Boston Globe,” September 9, 2009:

“…the movie’s a lively and important first step in assaying the worth of a field on the verge of extinction, as more and more professional reviewers are let go from struggling news organizations (nearly 60 in the past 3 1/2 years).”

“‘Love of Movies’ shines through” by James Verniere, The Boston Herald, September 9, 2009:

“Learn the meaning of the scornful soubriquet “paulette.” Hear Elvis Mitchell talk about his youthful critical response to “Scream Blacula Scream” (1973). See Siskel and Ebert together (and young) again. It’s all in “For the Love of Movies.”

***1/2 “The Boston Phoenix” –  ” For the Love of Movies” beams viewers to a planet that outsiders only think they know about. But in interviewing his subjects—a score of movie critics—Phoenix critic Gerald Peary does much more than provoke condescending quotes about pedestrian favorites like Titanic. In a feat fit for civilians and fellow critics alike, Peary traces film criticism to its birth and examines movements, trends, and eras that have since evolved, with an emphasis on the feud between Andrew Sarris and Pauline Kael.”