A Very Special Occasion: The Jerusalem Film Festival

Posted by admin On July - 11 - 2009


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well, we arrived in beautiful, warm Israel, after nearly 20 hours of travel.  Our first day, we attended a partying a private home on a hill, with the most fabulous view of Jerusalem from the balcony.  You could see all the way to Jordan!

Our biggest thrill came the next day: We ran into a protest in DSC01138which over 100 Ultra Orthodox Jews were blocking the way into a parking garage which was open on Shabbat.

I jumped into the fray to take some close up photos of the sit in. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t the only photographer snapping pics.) The men were literally sitting in the street and just outside the entrance to the garage.  One eleven year-old boy jumped out of the crowd and started screaming “Shiksa” into my face.  At that point, the police showed up, dressed in full riot gear and started to move the protesters away from the garage opening.


A group of protesters drove into the street, locked arms and started to block the traffic that was driving through.  The police followed them and again dragged them onto the sidewalk.  Limbs were akimbo, hats were flying.  It was pretty incredible!

Not something you see every day in secular Boston.