South by Southwest Festival Wrap-Up

Posted by admin On February - 17 - 2009

South by Southwest 2009The SXSW International Film Festival in Austin, Texas, was the perfect place on earth for the world premiere of our film, “For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism.” Amy and Gerry love Austin, we’ve been to the Fest before and had a great time, and this year, an extra treat, our friend, Janet Pierson, has taken over as Artistic Director.  What’s not to like for Bostonians escaping in March the horrid winter for warm, sunny (well, part of the time this year!), ultra-informal, ultra-friendly Austin?  As for the audience at SXSW, it’s young, genuinely hip, and deeply movie-crazy.

The Fest started out on March 13 with a  hearty lunch for the out-of-town filmmakers.  Many of Austin’s finest film community came out to greet us – Richard Linklater, Robert Rodriguez, Morgan Spurlock, Catherine Hardwicke, John Pierson.  And everyone was really accessibl,e and happy to hear about our movie. ( We gave a DVD to Terence Malick’s wife, and hope that the masterly filmmaker watched it at home.) March 14, Gerry moderated a panel on the state of film criticism, and some of the best moments were the quarrels between print and Internet critics on the panel.

Finally, our screenings. Amy and Gerry attended both at the downtown Alamo Ale House, and are happy to report sold-out screenings and definitely appreciative audiences for our world-premiere screenings. Were we nervous ahead of time? A friend of Gerry’s went tavern to tavern on 6th Street, site of the Alamo, trying to get a shot of whiskey to go for Gerry, the anxious filmmaker!


March 18, 2009

Another sold-out screening of FOR THE LOVE OF MOVIES (FTLOM) at SXSW.  We were much more relaxed and therefore were able to really enjoy the experience.  What a thrill to hear an audience roaring with laughter during different points of the movie.  This just in:

Ira Deutchman from Emerging Pictures, who was inspired by our movie, created a list of “critics that matter to me.”

March 17, 2009

FTLOM 1We had our big premiere last night at the Alamo in downtown Austin.  We are happy to report that our screening was sold-out – we actually had to turn people away – and we even had a few distributors there.  It was a thrill to be in the audience and hear people laughing throughout.   What a night!

Gerry and AmyTo the left, we’ve posted a photo of Gerry and I with our editor Aleks Lekic.  At this point in the night, we all had pre-screening jitters, which abated once the movie started.

Our Q&A

Here’s Gerry during our spirited Q&A in which the audience wanted to know our thoughts about the future of film criticism and what’s going to happen next.  Of course, we can’t predict the future.  But, we did our best to answer the questions anyway.  Our next screening is Wednesday at noon at the Alamo Ritz.  We hope to have some time to get away from the Festival today and enjoy the beautiful weather before we head back into the theater for more films.

March 14, 2009dsc010322

Where can see both trannies and trolls roaming around the same movie theater?  Well, SXSW of course.  And the fan have been lining up around the block to watch these movies.  Documentaries no less.  These pics are from two great docs that we saw yesterday – “Sissyboy” and “The Best Worst Movie.”  Hope movie fans show up to our first screening on Monday in similar numbers.


There’s been tremendous internet buzz about “For the Love of Movies.”  Plus, over 70 people turned out for Gerry’s panel discussion about the shrinking and expanding world of criticism.  People do care about the state of criticism today!


To read a few reviews and previews:

March 13, 2009

Today, SXSW had a big lunch for the filmmakers, very welcoming place this Festival!  Many of Austin’s finest film community came out to greet us – Richard Linklater, Robert Rodriguez, Morgan Spurlock, Catherine Hardwicke, John Pierson.  And everyone was really accessible and happy to hear about our movie.  More parties and movies tonight.